BWF Membership Benefits

There is a comprehensive range of benefits that come from joining the BWF. Take a look at some below and look at the What Our Members Say About Us page to hear some of the benefits our members receive being part of our organisation. Also look at our comprehensive benefits leaflet: Why Join - What the BWF can do for you-  benefits and services available to members.

Key reasons to join the BWF:

Puts you at the heart of the woodworking and joinery industry.

Brings you extra customers from your 'Find a Supplier' listing on our website.

Gives you the benefit of our PR, digital marketing, publicity and advertising in national, local and trade press to publicise our work and raise customer awareness of our members, their products and services.

Gives your company the added credibility and competitive edge of Code of Conduct compliance.

Gives you access to third party accreditation schemes, in many cases at beneficial rates, which provide further assurance of a quality of service, manufacture and sourcing  (BWF-CERTIFIRE Fire Door Scheme, BWF Stair Scheme and Chain of Custody, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 etc).

Keeps you up to date with legislative and technical issues, as well as providing early warnings of initiatives which could affect working practices and your bottom line.

Allows you to take advantage of our leading role in the revision and development of Buildings Regulations, UK and European and joinery standards, industry standards and specifications, where we seek to advance the merits and use of joinery products.

Keeps you in touch with the latest developments in product standards, technology and innovation through our fortnightly Join In newsletters.

Gives you access to the BWF Helpline providing legislative, technical and commercial advice on a confidential basis to individual members. The advice is usually conducted over the telephone followed by written confirmation. Members report saving hundreds, or thousands, of pounds from this valuable service.

Gives you access to written guides on a wide range of business and industry specific topics.

We are also able to help you:


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