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Brexit: An upstream view from the timber supply chain
3 April 2017 - The triggering of Article 50 this week has started the long process of negotiation and withdrawal from the EU which could have major implications for the timber industry. It was good to see, therefore, that the formal letter dispatched by hand to President Tusk was far more conciliatory and constructive in tone than much of the triumphalist rhetoric which has been circulating in recent weeks and months. Read more...BWF Blog
Opening a door to the future of construction with Willmott Dixon
24 March 2017 - Yesterday I was privileged enough to be invited along to what was, I think, was the most progressive meeting I have attended since I arrived fresh faced and full of hope at a scaffolding yard in Hanwell some 22 years ago, the day my journey in the construction sector began.  I have had an interesting and fulfilling career working around the amazing industry that is construction, but the inefficiencies have ever been a frustration and frankly I am sick and tired of various representatives from Government and the Civil Service saying “why can’t construction be more like automotive!” Read more...BWF Blog
Getting more for your joinery business out of R and D tax credits
22 March 2017 - Is your company eligible for R&D tax credits? The chancellor’s announcement at Budget 2017 that administration of the scheme will be simplified is a further nudge for companies to review their expenditure Read more...BWF Blog
It’s the tenth anniversary of National Apprenticeships Week and the stakes for woodworking training have never been higher
6 March 2017 - As you may be aware, there are some seismic changes to the way apprenticeships will work for our sector. It is absolutely critical that we get this right as the need for skilled and enthusiastic workers has never been more important Read more...BWF Blog
Five key asks for every woodworking business
28 February 2017 - In the spirit of every New Year detox programme that promises you a future that is fitter, leaner, wealthier and happier, the BWF is proposing five resolutions that I hope every joinery business will keep this year. Read more...BWF Blog
Driving safely in adverse weather conditions
11 January 2017 - With Met Office yellow weather warnings for wind and snow in place across much of Great Britain, this guest blog from Towergate Insurance provides a simple checklist to encourage safe driving in adverse weather conditions and looks at which risks should be identified and controlled. Read more...BWF Blog
Managing workplace temperatures
16 December 2016 - This guest blog from Towergate Insurance, BWF’s preferred insurance broker, looks at the issues regarding workplace temperature and how they can be controlled. Read more...BWF Blog
The importance of face fitting and the Fit2Fit scheme
28 November 2016 - Hardwood and softwood dusts have levels that must not be exceeded, currently at 5mg/m3. Exposure to wood dust must be as low as ‘reasonably practicable’ with Workplace Exposure Limits restricting the amount of dust in the air averaged over an eight- hour working day. Read more...BWF Blog
Expecting the expected – Chancellor plays it safe in wake of OBR Brexit forecasts
23 November 2016 - With the EU Referendum fallout overshadowing all else and most of the key announcements having surfaced previously, today’s Autumn Statement policy announcements were neither politically divisive nor surprising and maybe that was for the best. Read more...BWF Blog
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