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BWF Awards shortlist 2016 Case Study: Emma Tribe (Howarth Timber Windows & Doors Limited)
26 September 2016 - "Later on I asked my team leaders and bosses if I could possibly go onto learn new and different jobs around the factory. As I feel that it is better to know more than one job around the factory and I would then be able to help my colleagues when and if they needed help with the workload. The bosses were happy to agree and I was then trained as Glazer." Read more...BWF Blog
BWF Awards Shortlist 2016 Case Study: Keith Kerby (Howarth Timber Windows & Doors Limited)
26 September 2016 - "My name is Keith Kerby and I have been working at Howarth Timber Windows & Doors for nearly 10 years now. When I first joined the company, I was working in the B’Spec area as a bench joiner, assembling bays, combination frames and other bespoke items." Read more...BWF Blog
The elephant in the room - why this April Fool looked right through transparent wood
5 September 2016 - It was the 1st April 2016 and a bright spark on twitter sent me a link flagging up the concept of "see through wooden glass", I smiled and started to pen a witty response - I am no April Fool. Then the materials engineer in me kicked in and thankfully before I hit send I did a quick fact check and it is a thing. I had a little read, fascinating stuff, retweeted it and then got back to the day job of fighting the good fight for our members. Interesting, but some way off before it is of any real benefit. Read more...BWF Blog
How to protect yourself when hiring a subcontractor
10 August 2016 - This guest blog from Towergate Insurance looks into what to consider when hiring a subcontractor on a project, the legal implications, and how to protect yourself from any potential issues that could arise. Read more...BWF Blog
What are the consequences of the UK referendum result for the woodworking sector?
14 July 2016 - Following advice and a risk register circulated to members on the consequences of leaving the EU, the BWF staged at Members' Day a debate on what this means for our future. Read more...BWF Blog
Should I stay or should I go... This indecision's bugging me!!
14 June 2016 - The pantomime of the referendum has been rather depressing - degenerating to headline grabbing, jockeying and self-promotion. Last night I attended my third European Referendum debate and this one was a refreshing change Read more...BWF Blog
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