Fire Door Safety Week: Get Safe, Get Certified

12 July 2018

Fire Door Safety Week 2018 will be taking place the week of 24th – 30th September.   The underlining theme will be ‘Fire Door Five: Shutting the door on fire and smoke’.  It falls under our Build it Better with Wood approach and to kick things off we have highlighted 5 things you could do to support Fire Door Safety Week:

1. Pledge your support: to the campaign

2. Share our resources:  like, retweet and share on social media, send targeted information to your network, write a blog, put up one of our posters (again social links via the website)

3. Plan your own initiative:  you could develop an infographic linked to your product, make your own pledge, run a special discount campaign, organise your own mass door inspections (you can use the 5 step check), invite your MP to your workplace to see how you contribute to fire safety, arrange a talk in your local school or Scout or Guide group on fire safety. You’ll think of something and we are always happy to talk through your ideas and see how we can help!

4. Run your own awareness event: and we’ll help you to promote it (if you let us know!)

5. Get certificated and join the Fire Door Alliance: Third-party certification is really the only way to ensure that a fire door, a life critical product, meets the required standard throughout its service life.  It is also a mechanism to help you manage your risks.  If you are manufacturing or modifying doors (glazing, resizing, re-lipping etc) you should be looking to get the work you do certified, why not make this part of your Fire Door Safety Week Pledge.

On the last point, if you don’t have certification in place, we are more than happy to talk you through the options.  This flyer gives you a bit of insight into how our newly constituted Fire Door Alliance works.  We appreciate certification can be a complex process, but we can help.  Did you know for example, testing is central/critical to the process, but if you are working within certain parameters you may not need to re-test, you can cascade the information through a certificated process.  The chain of certification can be managed through training and audited quality management processes, all independently verified to provide the reassurance to your business and your customers.  Ongoing performance is vital and so traceability is critical. 
Certification is the easiest way to discharge your legal responsibilities and the best way to maintain and improve standards in the market.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Iain McIlwee, CEO British Woodworking Federation
Tel:  0844 209 2610
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