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Queen's Speech announcements risk putting low carbon homes agenda back by a decade
4 June 2014 - Major concerns are being raised following the Queen's Speech, as industry groups attack proposals in the Infrastructure Bill which could put back the low carbon homes agenda by 10 years Read more...Latest News
New Joinery qualification and apprenticeships on the way
3 June 2014 - The BWF and a number of members have been working hard to develop new qualifications for the joinery sector, plus updated apprenticeships in line with the changes pushed through by government. Read more...Latest News
Joinery Estimating Module to begin development – your input needed
3 June 2014 - The BWF is bidding for funds to create an online joinery estimating training programme and we are looking for interested members to contribute to a working group that will shape its content. Read more...Latest News
Heavy fine for company after employee loses finger on poorly guarded spindle moulder
2 June 2014 - The worker was operating a vertical spindle moulding machine to cut a groove in a straight piece of wood when his right hand came into contact with the cutter, severing the little finger. Read more...Latest News
CPA sets newspapers straight on size of construction economy vs ‘illegal industries’
2 June 2014 - The CPA has responded to erroneous statements from both the Telegraph and Independent newspapers last week which stated the size of the prostitution and illegal drugs market in the UK was larger than that of the construction market and/or house building. Read more...Latest News
BWF launches Business Development & Mentoring Scheme
2 June 2014 - The BWF’s WITForum has secured 100% funding for a business development and mentoring programme to bring about sustained growth in BWF member companies. Spaces are limited, don't miss out! Read more...Latest News
Funding for training and qualifying your workforce
2 June 2014 - The BWF’s WITForum has secured funds to support the bespoke training and qualification of its members’ workforce. The OSAT programmes cover Health & Safety, Joinery, Wood Machining, Management, Supervision and Heritage Carpentry & Joinery. Each provides a package of training and support for the employee and provides them with a recognised qualification at the end as an NVQ. Read more...Latest News
Training fund for Fenestration MTC, Machine Refresher and Marketing
2 June 2014 - The WITForum has access to a new CITB fund for £25,000 to cover three areas of training: The Fenestration MTC, Machine Refresher, and Marketing Training. The fund is available for CITB registered and in-scope companies within the BWF membership. Read more...Latest News
Industry expresses concerns that government 'dragging its feet' on embodied Carbon could jeopardise push for Zero-Carbon Homes
29 May 2014 - In a letter to Stephen Williams MP, the UK Timber Industry Accord expressed its concerns that the appropriate incentives will not be in place in to encourage the selection of inherently sustainable and low Carbon building materials. Read more...Latest News
Joiners see slight sales dip in wet Q1, but expect revival in Q2 figures
28 May 2014 - The BWF Joinery State of Trade Survey Q1 2014 indicated that there had been a slight dip in joinery sales volumes from Q4 2013 to Q1 2014, but companies are optimistic that this will be offset by improved sales figures in Q2. Read more...Latest News
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