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BWF launches Business Development & Mentoring Scheme
2 June 2014 - The BWF’s WITForum has secured 100% funding for a business development and mentoring programme to bring about sustained growth in BWF member companies. Spaces are limited, don't miss out! Read more...Latest News
Funding for training and qualifying your workforce
2 June 2014 - The BWF’s WITForum has secured funds to support the bespoke training and qualification of its members’ workforce. The OSAT programmes cover Health & Safety, Joinery, Wood Machining, Management, Supervision and Heritage Carpentry & Joinery. Each provides a package of training and support for the employee and provides them with a recognised qualification at the end as an NVQ. Read more...Latest News
Training fund for Fenestration MTC, Machine Refresher and Marketing
2 June 2014 - The WITForum has access to a new CITB fund for £25,000 to cover three areas of training: The Fenestration MTC, Machine Refresher, and Marketing Training. The fund is available for CITB registered and in-scope companies within the BWF membership. Read more...Latest News
Industry expresses concerns that government 'dragging its feet' on embodied Carbon could jeopardise push for Zero-Carbon Homes
29 May 2014 - In a letter to Stephen Williams MP, the UK Timber Industry Accord expressed its concerns that the appropriate incentives will not be in place in to encourage the selection of inherently sustainable and low Carbon building materials. Read more...Latest News
Joiners see slight sales dip in wet Q1, but expect revival in Q2 figures
28 May 2014 - The BWF Joinery State of Trade Survey Q1 2014 indicated that there had been a slight dip in joinery sales volumes from Q4 2013 to Q1 2014, but companies are optimistic that this will be offset by improved sales figures in Q2. Read more...Latest News
Coatings and Woodworking Industries win major EU funding for sustainable research project
27 May 2014 - A consortium of 15 partners from the coatings and joinery industries and research institutes have received EU funding of €2.7m towards developing and establishing European standards that will facilitate the prediction of service life for exterior wood coatings Read more...Latest News
Members' Day 2014: Post Event Resources for Download
16 May 2014 - Download all the presentations for 2014's BWF Members' Day including the opening and closing sessions and all of the workshops throughout the day Read more...Latest News
Keith Clark – Obituary
15 May 2014 - We are sad to announce the untimely passing of Keith Clarke, former Technical Director of Premdor and Director of the British Woodworking Federation. Read more...Latest News
BWF Members’ Day helps joinery sector improve profitability and unite against ‘single-issue greenwash’ of competitors
15 May 2014 - Joinery companies were urged to shout their products environmental credentials from the rooftops in order to grow their market share and head off the ‘single-issue greenwash’ from other material sectors Read more...Latest News
BWF Member Vicaima meets the challenge of landmark WWF project
8 May 2014 - BWF member company Vicaima has provided the interior door sets for the state-of-the-art Living Planet Centre in Woking, the home of the WWF. Read more...Latest News
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