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Construction and manufacturing badly overlooked in this year’s Budget, warns the BWF
18 March 2015 - In a budget focused on courting votes from middle England, the Chancellor seemingly ignored a UK joinery sector brimming with growth potential. Read more...Latest News
The Wood Awards launches its 2015 call for entries
13 March 2015 - The Wood Awards launches its 2015 call for entries with exciting new categories and a high-calibre panel of judges who will evaluate and recognise projects made out of the only naturally sustainable material in the world. Read more...Latest News
BWF confirms suspension of merger talks
12 March 2015 - Our steering committee were resolute in protecting the interests of members and will continue to look at opportunities, such as through our support for Wood for Good and the great work they are doing, to develop a stronger macro voice on timber issues Read more...Latest News
RICS are carrying out a review of the Price Adjustment Formulae indices
12 March 2015 - RICS are carrying out a review of the Price Adjustment Formulae indices used in Civil Engineering including the ‘Baxter’ and specialist Engineering series. Read more...Latest News
Accident on overhead router leads to worker losing fingertip
11 March 2015 - The 31 year-old, who does not want to be named, required a partial amputation of the injured digit as a result of the incident at the Whitstable business Read more...Latest News
New versions of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 coming soon
11 March 2015 - The international quality management standard, ISO 9001, and the environmental management system standard ISO 14001, are both set for structural changes later this year Read more...Latest News
October 2015 increase likely for National Minimum Wage
25 February 2015 - The national minimum wage would increase by 20p an hour, from £6.50, to £6.70 Read more...Latest News
Promote CE Marked windows and don’t lose out to illegal products
25 February 2015 - The CPR in the case of windows and external doorsets covers important obligations in terms of quality management, thermal efficiency, the load bearing capacity of safety devices and the declaration of any hazardous substances. Read more...Latest News
BWF pushes Chancellor for long term solutions to housing shortfall, skills gaps and sustainable construction
24 February 2015 - The letter, which was sent in advance of the Budget on March 18th, also urges government to clamp down heavily on late payment and ensure that business rates assessments don’t unfairly burden manufacturers. Read more...Latest News
Fuel costs drop and joinery sales improve again but rate of growth slows
12 February 2015 - The BWF Joinery State of Trade Survey Q4 2014 indicated that joinery sales volumes have again increased, although the rate of growth has slowed. Read more...Latest News
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