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BWF Launches Centre of Excellence Network to Revolutionise Apprenticeship Training
14 July 2016 - To ensure the survival of quality apprenticeship training for the joinery industry, the BWF has launched a new Centre of Excellence (CoE) network of colleges and training providers. Read more...Latest News
Levy Update: CITB to reshape its Levy and support employers in scope to new Apprenticeship Levy
13 July 2016 - Just under 600 construction companies (at a group level) will have to pay the AL as well as the CITB Levy. This will have important implications for the CITB levy. Read more...Latest News
The definitive checklist for your joinery business
1 July 2016 - The BWF Code of Conduct which sets out the principles of good practice for a woodworking or joinery business has been reviewed and refreshed to support members in helping to ensure the principles are embraced throughout their business. Read more...Latest News
BWF Joinery State of Trade Survey Q2 2016 - we need your responses
29 June 2016 - The Joinery State of Trade Survey Q2 2016 has now been launched and should take no longer than 5 minutes for you to complete. Read more...Latest News
A natural alliance: BWF joins the Sustainable Traditional Building Alliance
29 June 2016 - The STBA is a natural ally for the BWF and has already produced excellent short and usable guidance based upon best current research and practice, which is holistic and realistic in its understanding and aims. Read more...Latest News
ProSkills closes, but the baton is not being dropped
24 June 2016 - It has been announced today that ProSkills UK, the body responsible for qualifications and skills standards in the manufacturing industry is to close at the end of June. Read more...Latest News
View new proposals to cut Prequalification Questionnaire bureaucracy
15 June 2016 - Over recent months, Build UK and CECA members have developed proposals for streamlining the current PQQ system Read more...Latest News
The latest funding for training in your business from BWF
2 June 2016 - The BWF has funding for members to support a wide range of training solutions both from our suite of training and outside. Funding is limited, so don't miss out! Read more...Latest News
Update for Members on the Apprenticeship Levy and CITB
2 June 2016 - The government will not exempt employers who already pay the CITB Levy from the AL. So CITB needs to work with employers to look at how any potential future CITB levy would sit alongside the AL. Read more...Latest News
Tips on managing staff during the 2016 European Football Championships
2 June 2016 - The 2016 European Football Championships is set to provide entertainment, discussion and possibly heartbreak for many employees in the joinery sector. With the event kicking off soon, it is important that employers are aware of how to deal with any potential disruptions that such an event may bring. Read more...Latest News
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