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NSCC writes to Vince Cable on Supply Chain Payment Charter
9 September 2014 - Further to an agreement to publicly welcome and commit to the Supply Chain Payment Charter, the NSCC, of which BWF is a member, has written an open letter to Vince Cable Read more...Latest News
PRESS RELEASE: BWF secure further FREE funding for joinery training
2 September 2014 - Joinery and woodworking firms are being offered access to further funding for training, as well as a new Heritage Carpentry and Joinery , and Wood Product Manufacturing courses, made available by the British Woodworking Federation (BWF) training arm, the Woodworking Industry Training Forum (WITForum). Read more...Latest News
EU Research Consultation on “Which Materials for Sustainable Construction?"
1 September 2014 - BWF is keen to emphasise research opportunities that encourage use of existing sustainable materials, enabling accessibility for further data from products, and looking at how embodied carbon should be incorporated. Read more...Latest News
BWF ‘market roundup’: working flat out to meet market demand
1 September 2014 - Talk to most joinery manufacturers and woodworking firms this summer, and they’ll tell you they are working flat out to meet market demand. Read more...Latest News
Pent-up demand fuels improved joinery sales but will the forward momentum continue?
19 August 2014 - The BWF Joinery State of Trade Survey Q2 2014 indicated that there had been an increase in joinery sales volumes from Q1 2014 to Q2 2014, and manufacturers are optimistic that this will be continuing through into the second half of the year. Read more...Latest News
Scottish Building Standards consultation response published
18 August 2014 - The Scottish Government has published their response to the 2013 consultation reviewing energy standards and guidance within Scottish Building Regulations Read more...Latest News
HMRC Consultation on Construction Industry Scheme – Have your Say
14 August 2014 - HMRC has published a consultation on proposed changes to the CIS which would reduce the threshold for smaller businesses and introduce mandatory online CIS filing for contractors Read more...Latest News
Construction Employers See Benefit of NI Allowance
14 August 2014 - In August, BIS announced that over 725,000 employers across the UK have claimed the allowance and construction is in the top three sectors to benefit with 91,000 employers taking up the scheme. Read more...Latest News
BWF and TTF set out necessities for new BRE sustainable homes standard
13 August 2014 - In the BWF’s joint response to the standard with TTF, we set out a number of aims for what we would like to see in order for the standard to meet BRE’s aims and become a real industry driver for sustainable homes and housing projects Read more...Latest News
Draft standard prEN 14351-2 for internal pedestrian doorsets is available for comment
6 August 2014 - The comments phase is part of the process in the development of the standard which will lead to CE marking of internal pedestrian doorsets. Read more...Latest News
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