BWF launches BIM Guidance and Product Templates for joinery manufacturers

11 August 2016

BWF has launched new BIM Level 2 Guidance and Product Data Templates for joinery manufacturers to use. The new free-to-members BIM Toolkit publication document focusses on BIM Level 2 and defines what, when and how information should be created, shared and managed for a construction project. BWF has also created a BIM Product Data Template for Wood Window Units which members can download and complete.

BIM, or Building Information Modelling, is a wide ranging term applied to the sharing of all kinds of construction information in a digital form. What information is exchanged, and how, will be dependent on the specific construction project and the needs of the various organisations involved such as architects, contractors and facility managers.  In its simplest form, an architect could use 2D CAD drawings to assist in the creation of 2D plans and construction details and pdf files to hold information about the products that are used. More complex projects start to involve particular requirements for the form of information that is exchanged. For example product manufacturers may be asked to provide BIM objects by combining the performance data with the graphical information. A BIM object can be of a product with a fixed shape, such as a window, or a product without a fixed shape, such as a wall or floor.

BIM is gaining traction within the private sector and is a requirement for some public sector projects. The Government Construction Strategy 2011-2015, set out a requirement for fully collaborative 3D BIM to be employed on centrally procured government construction projects by 2016. In order to meet this mandate a description of the form of BIM was required and “Level 2 BIM” was developed. Government Construction Tenders must now be BIM Level 2 projects, this is effectively the highest level of BIM currently in mainstream operation across the Construction Sector.

BWF Policy & Communications Executive Matt Mahony commented on the new resources:

"Guidance that works for all business sizes and types is a must, as even on projects where BIM is mandatory, the supply chain is still getting to grips with how to best use the data. Clarity and accessibility are core principles behind increasing the use of BIM, even though it doesn't always seem like that. What we've set about to do is de-mystify BIM for joinery companies that may be relatively new to the concept, and give them the opportunity to build up their own library of product data in a format which satisfies the basic BIM requirements."

BWF members are able to download the BIM Guide here:

The Product Data Template for Wood Window Units can be found within the windows publications section:

You can find out more about BIM for woodworking here:

The BWF has also launched a series of E-Learning packages, in conjunction with the National Association of Shopfitters. These includes a module which has been designed to introduce and prepare you for BIM and its use with your clients and within their own organisations:

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