Challenging Misliading Claims from the PVC Sector

12 July 2018

A small victory for the BWF and the industry.  In April the BWF logged a complaint with the Advertising Standards Agency in regards to an advertorial for NewView Windows and Conservatories on the blog site by Double Glazing Blogger – dated 23rd March 2018 and headed “Out with the old and in with the u….PVC – why wooden windows might be on the decline”. The ad included the claim "uPVC is even being thought of as a replacement for properties where original wooden frames sat before, having been proven to save up to 30 percent more energy once installed. This is an especially important factor for new projects being constructed in the commercial sector, where third party accreditations like PassivHaus should always be at the forefront of an installer’s consideration."

 The British Woodworking Federation challenged assertions that:

1. uPVC windows were 30% more energy efficient than wooden ones; and
2. that wooden windows could not receive PassivHaus accreditation.

We have been notified by the ASA, that the Double Glazing Blogger has removed the material from their website upon notification of the complaint.

BWF is committed to challenging fake facts - if you see any misleading claims in the market, please send them to us at 

You can see the Fake Facts Campaign run by our Wood Window Alliance here

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