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How Do I Retire An Employee?
5 August 2013 - From 1 October 2011, compulsory retirement, regardless of age, has been unlawful age discrimination and potential unfair dismissal unless employers can justify their reasons as a proportionate means of achieving a legitimate aim Read more...Question of the Week*
Am I Required To Have A Music License If I Have A Radio In My Workshop?
23 July 2013 - Unfortunately, if you are playing music in a public place (and this includes workshops and reception areas) then you will be required to have both a PRS and a PPL license... Read more...Question of the Week*
How Can The Quality Of Timber Used In Joinery Products Be Determined?
23 July 2013 - Commercial grade (that is the description of timber as a raw material) are considered not to be appropriate for creating joinery specifications. BS EN 942 is used to classify by appearance the quality of timber in joinery. Read more...Question of the Week*
What Design Factors Need To Be Considered For Stair Balustrades?
11 June 2013 - When a balustrade is provided for a stair or a landing it is usual for it to perform two functions: to provide a handrail and a guarding or protection from falling. However, within the various documents providing guidance to the Building Regulations... Read more...Question of the Week*
Can An Employee Take Their Paid Annual Holiday While On Sick Leave?
28 May 2013 - Here at the BWF, we get frequent helpline enquiries from members relating to the question of whether workers who are off sick are able to claim their annual leave. Current guidelines are as follows. Read more...Question of the Week*
CE Marking, your questions answered
28 May 2013 - With CE marking just over a month away, BWF technical manager Kevin Underwood answers some FAQs on the subject. Read more...Question of the Week*
What Should I Do If A Worker Quits On The Spot?
15 May 2013 - Having someone walk out or resign on the spot is never convenient, but handling it the wrong thing can be particularly costly, as verbal resignations can be easily misinterpreted, especially those which take place in the heat of an argument. Read more...Question of the Week*
What is the current National Minimum Wage and when will it change?
15 April 2013 - Failing to pay employees the relevant minimum wage rate could result in penalties from HMRC or a claim in a tribunal from the worker. Workers are entitled to the minimum wage, even if they have accepted a contract agreeing to be paid at a lower rate. Read more...Question of the Week*
What is the minimum temperature allowed in the work place?
8 January 2013 - Many of you will be returning to work after the winter shutdown, and with workshops and offices having lain dormant for the festive period, there will no doubt be a few comments across the country regarding heating arrangements. Read more...Question of the Week*
When Should I Check My Woodworking Machinery?
6 December 2012 - For the majority of woodworking machinery, there is a clear risk of injury if the equipment is not kept in good working order. The cost of workplace injuries involving such equipment can be devastating in both financial and personal terms Read more...Question of the Week*
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