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What is the minimum temperature allowed in the work place?
8 January 2013 - Many of you will be returning to work after the winter shutdown, and with workshops and offices having lain dormant for the festive period, there will no doubt be a few comments across the country regarding heating arrangements. Read more...Question of the Week*
When Should I Check My Woodworking Machinery?
6 December 2012 - For the majority of woodworking machinery, there is a clear risk of injury if the equipment is not kept in good working order. The cost of workplace injuries involving such equipment can be devastating in both financial and personal terms Read more...Question of the Week*
How can we show that low level glazing in a dwelling provides the necessary level of protection against falling?
14 November 2012 - BWF technical manager Kevin Underwood provides answers to the questions you ask. This week he tackles the issue of low level glazing Read more...Question of the Week*
How can I reduce the noise from my woodworking machines to safe levels?
13 November 2012 - Employers have a duty under the Control of Noise At Work Regulations to carry out an assessment of the noise levels in the working area and identify any employees who are likely to be exposed to noise levels high enough to cause hearing damage Read more...Question of the Week*
Does the law require me to get my Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) examined and tested?
26 October 2012 - With the HSE charging businesses £124/hour if a breach in the law is uncovered, it is essential that joinery businesses can demonstrate their compliance with the rules on wood dust extraction. Read more...Question of the Week*
What should I pay an employee who has been laid off?
11 October 2012 - As the economic malaise continues, employers in the woodworking and joinery industry may be finding they do not have enough work for their employees, but would prefer to lay-off staff rather than start a compulsory redundancy programme. Read more...Question of the Week*
What does an employee need to prove to claim disability discrimination?
1 October 2012 - The Equality Act 2010 protects disabled employees from unjustified discrimination, but what is an employee claiming unlawful discrimination required to prove? Read more...Question of the Week*
Was your website compliant for the end of May?
8 August 2012 - New laws came into place in May that tighten restrictions for your website. We remind you of the changes and give some examples of how you can comply. Read more...Question of the Week*
Can I protect my goods by using a ‘retention of title’ clause?
24 July 2012 - A 'retention of title' clause can displace the usual rule of law that title to passes to the buyer at the time of delivery and states that ownership of goods does not pass from a seller to a buyer unless and until the seller is paid for those goods. Read more...Question of the Week*
How can I avoid disruption to my business during the 2012 Olympics?
9 July 2012 - Events will be taking place in plenty of different locations and are likely to have an effect on staff and delivery/supply arrangements. Read more...Question of the Week*
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