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Deventer Weatherseals produces and supplies a complete package of sealing profiles for all window and door constructions, including customisation and profile frames. We offer personal and expert advice to manufaturers of wooden window and door frames for realising wind, sound and water insulation. DEVENTER Weatherseals offers a unique design and optimum clearance capacity. Test reports, sound and fire documentation as well as ISO and IFT certificates confirm our know-how. DEVENTER is world's first and only manufacturer with Cradle to Cradle product-certicates for weather- and dryglazingseals.

DEVENTER weatherseals has got three Cradle to Cradle product certifications for three product ranges. Enter following link into your browser-

We are world’s first and only manufacturer of C2C certified gaskets and seals.

Our small, highly sinergised team of specialists will assist you in quickly identifying a suitable, high-end solution for your issue. Beside high-grade quality and swift service we offer stability by means of market compliant prices. So you can count on us.

DEVENTER Weatherseals, your reliable partner!


ISO 9001

Member of Wood Window Alliance


Drop down seals

Glazing systems, weather seals and gaskets

Weather seals

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