CIEH Level 2 Principles & Practice of Manual Handling

Your course will include:

  • manual handling hazards, risks and controls
  • how manual handling operations can cause injury and harm
  • the scope of legal requirements and where guidance can be found
  • the process for assessing manual handling risks
  • the value of risk assessment and how it applies to safe manual handling practice

Manual handling techniques:

  • lifting loads from low levels
  • working at low levels
  • lowering from height
  • pushing loads
  • pulling loads
  • carrying/team handling

Part 1 will allow learners to understand the risks associated with manual handling and to make recommendations to manage those risks.
Part 2 will allow learners to apply the principles of safer handling to a range of everyday manual handling tasks.


CIEH Level 2 Principles and Practice of Manual Handling


  • Designed for: All employees
  • Course duration: One day
  • Assessment method: 30 Question Multi Choice Paper and Practical Assessment


Level 3 NVQ in Health & Safety


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