Grown in Britain

Made and Grown In Britain

Grown in BritainBWF members can gain greater benefit from the Federation’s ‘Made in Britain’ marketing by dovetailing it with the opportunities represented by the Grown in Britain campaign.

Using British-grown timber can help to satisfy the ‘social value’ criteria to be found on many specifiers’ PQQs.  Obtaining Grown in Britain chain of custody also enables BWF members to prove that their products are made from timber sourced from British forests and woodlands

Grown in Britain aims to get more British-grown wood into the timber supply chain.  It also aims to increase the supply of British timber by bringing more woodland back into active management, thereby benefiting British jobs and local economies.  Grown in Britain additionally aims to make the connection between Britain’s forests and wood products more visible to the general public. Visit for the full story and to see BWF CEO Iain McIlwee’s Grown in Britain statement.

The BWF is a supporter of the aims of Grown in Britain. There is a Grown in Britain Week each October, with which BWF members are welcome to join in.  Perhaps the best way to benefit your business is to look into Grown in Britain chain of custody.  Getting a chain of custody licence means you can use the Grown in Britain brand to multiply the marketing effect of the BWF’s Made in Britain campaign.  You can get a Grown in Britain licence even if you use a mix of imported and British-grown timber. 

Grown in BritainBWF members should be aware that most of the major construction contractors have signed up to the following timber preference statement, which puts further weight behind gaining Grown in Britain chain of custody: 

“We will give preference to schemes that support the principles of the Social Value Act: e.g. the use of timber and timber products which are assured as Grown in Britain.”

Contact Grown in Britain to find out more about our the campaign and our Forest Products chain of custody.  The BWF is currently looking into the potential for a Grown in Britain Group scheme enabling smaller members to gain chain of custody. 

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