Moving From Manager to Leader

Course summary

This management training course is for new or aspiring senior managers and chief executives who have at least three years experience, with direct responsibility for managing both people and resources. It offers a chance to reflect on this experience with others who are similarly placed, tackle any difficulties, and raise your effectiveness even further. This is a 2 day course, plus a follow up half day.

Delivery Partner

The Centre for Strategy and Communication, London

Course outline

Moving from manager to leader helps middle and senior managers to gain confidence, authority and skills. This management training focuses particularly on the crucial influencing skills that you need to make the most of every opportunity, for both your organisation and yourself.

Over the first two days you will cover:

  • from operational to strategic management: moving up a gear
  • your organisation and its culture
  • matrix and hierarchical management models
  • power and authority: differences and similarities
  • how power works in organisations
  • managing through change
  • how to ‘be’ as a senior manager: handling yourself in role
  • using your influence at work
  • team-building for success
  • your team management style
  • managing difficult conversations and meetings
  • managing upwards and sideways
  • negotiation skills
  • advanced motivation skills: understanding and getting the most from different individuals
  • critical incidents in HR: how to avoid a crisis
  • management and leadership
  • impression management: your personal PR

Half day follow-up session:  After the two day training course, you will have the opportunity to return and review your progress, looking particularly at any sticking points.

Who is this course for?

The course is specifically targeted at senior managers. It will be helpful, though not essential, to have attended either the Centre’s Moving into management course or our Moving up in management course. The Centre works with people from all sectors including the public sector, voluntary sector, corporate sector and private sector.

What will this course help me do?

After this management training you will have a better understanding of the way power works in organisations. You will be able to operate within your own organisation with increased effectiveness, and handle yourself as a manager with increased assurance. Your people and resource management skills will be honed, and you will be in a position to use your new-found influence and authority wisely.

Course dates

Use the contact form below for course date details. All set dates will be in London.

This courses start at 10am and will finish by 4.30pm. Lunch and refreshments are provided.

Hold this course in-house at set your own dates and tailor your content.

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