Strategic Planning And Thinking

Course summary

Strategic planning is about getting your team, department or organisation where it needs to go. Starting with the bigger picture and moving onto the practical implementation issues, this strategic planning training course takes you right through the strategic planning process with helpful tools, techniques and ideas at every stage to enhance your strategic thinking skills.

Delivery Partner

The Centre for Strategy and Communication, London

Course outline

Over the two days you will cover:

  • using the strategic planning process to help you make choices about the future nature and direction of your organisation.
  • assessing the benefits and risks of strategic planning.
  • preparing for the planning process including developing a project plan, identifying your stakeholders.
  • the value of stakeholder involvement at every phase.
  • undertaking a strategic review to determine ‘where are we now?’ including  stakeholder research, collaborator/competitor analysis and understanding when and how to use analytical tools such as SWOT, PEST and the Boston Consulting Group matrix to understand your organisation and its environment.
  • identifying strategic direction
    • identifying the key strategic issues for your organisation over the next few years
    • taking a fresh look at what your organisation is, what it does, and why
    • recognising how the findings of the review will impact on the organisation’s strategic direction
    • clarifying mission, values and direction of travel
    • recognising the relationship between organisation strategy and brand identity, and aligning the two
  • setting strategic objectives
    • establishing success criteria
    • listing priority areas for action and developing objectives;
    • applying SMART strategic thinking skills
    • using outcomes-based tools
  • implementing the strategy
    • understanding the key factors involved in implementing strategy
    • using action planning tools such as logical frameworking, action planning grids and planning wheels
    • communicating your strategic plan
  • undertaking effective monitoring and evaluation
    • understanding the difference between monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment
    • Identifying the indicators, and how to measure their achievement
    • recognising emergent approaches to monitoring and evaluation such as participatory, real-time, balanced scorecard

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for managers with strategic planning responsibility. Although the emphasis is on corporate or organisation-wide planning, the tools and techniques covered will have value for business or departmental managers.

This is a stand-alone strategic planning training course, and is also part of our Certificate in Leadership and Management Programme (University of London). If you are looking for a shorter course in the area of strategy, then consider our introductory level course ‘Strategy: An Introduction’ which is a one day course offering an introduction to strategic thinking and an all round overview of the topic.

What will this course help me do?

By the end of the strategic planning training course, you will recognise the importance and value of detailed analysis and have experience in using a variety of tools. You will have an appreciation of the relationship between your organisation’s vision and mission and its future, and will have practiced putting plans into action. You will also have a clear understanding of monitoring and evaluation.

Course dates

Use the contact form below for course date details. All set dates will be in London.

This courses start at 10am and will finish by 4.30pm. Lunch and refreshments are provided.

Hold this course in-house at set your own dates and tailor your content.

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