Wood Machining Level 2 (OSAT)

Wood Machinist are employed by a range of business sectors to cut, shape and prepare materials providing component parts for their product range. These can include Doors, Windows, Furniture, Kitchens, Garden Furniture, Sheds, Fencing, Skirtings etc.

You will learn how to set-up and use classical machinery for Sawing, Planing, Moulding components. There is also the opportunity to learn about technology, including use of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines which are programmed with CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacture) software.

Experienced Wood Machinist can make decisions such as the type of material needed to make components / products, the ability to follow technical drawings, skills to work out amount of materials needed and ensuring efficient cutting tools are selected and used.

Programme Synopsis

• Study drawings, work orders or samples to determine specifications.
• Select and fit knives, saws, drill bits or other machine tools to perform the desired functions.
• Attach guides, fixtures or jigs to machines so that operations are performed safely.
• Adjust stops, guides, feed rollers and tailstocks, and the angle and height of tables for easy and safe machining.
• Select the direction and speed of rotation of machinery to produce smooth finishes.
• Select timbers.
• Feed wood and timber-based boards into machines or operate automatic feed mechanisms.
• Programme and control Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Numerical Control (CNC)  machines.
• Adjust parts to maintain conformity of work within specifications.
• Undertake mechanical repairs to machinery.
• Maintain a clean and safe work environment.
• Supervise and co-ordinate the activities of workers engaged in wood machining and turning.


Diploma (NVQ) Level 2 in Machine Woodworking

Funding Support from CITB Grant Scheme:

  • Companies can claim £400 for any OSAT qualification once it has been achieved, through the normal grant scheme process.


Cost vary depending on the number of delegates, current experience and other factors. Please email hayley.baptist@bwf.org.uk who will arrange for a quote. Alternatively call the office on 0844 209 2610 or fill the the form below.