Joining a winning team: Tom McKillop

Tom McKillop, 21, Apprentice with Tompkins Wood

“On leaving school I looked around and decided I wanted to do joinery as I enjoy making things and seeing the results from what I do.  At college, we were told about all the career options, like plumbing for example, but in each of them you ended up as a one-man-band.  I wanted to be part of a team, so joinery felt like it would give me that option.

“What I like about it is seeing an end product. We make just about everything here to order – beds, staircases, cabinets, doors, windows.  You get to learn many different things and I also to go out on site sometimes to see the product in place and do the finishing touches. 

“I like to stand back at the end of the day and say “I made that”.  I take pictures sometimes and send them to my mates.  It’s a hands-on job and you see results – that’s what’s really satisfying about what I do.”  

Tom’s employer  Andy Tompkins, says: 

“Joinery, especially bespoke work like ours, involves a lot of skill and creativity.  Apprentices like Tom pick things up quickly and are keen to press ahead.  It’s amazing how quickly they make a positive contribution and come up with new ideas.”