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BWF Six-Point Blueprint for Wood

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The announcements made by the newly elected Government concerning the Fire Safety Bill, the Building Safety Bill and the National Skills Fund are positive signs for the industry. To build on this and to demonstrate how wood as a sustainable construction material can help the UK become a built environment global leader, the BWF have launched the BWF Six-Point Blueprint for Wood which the trade association are discussing with key MPs throughout 2020.

1.0 Wood – construction product of choice

Unleash the potential of the woodworking and joinery manufacturing industry by ensuring wood is the sustainable product of choice in the construction industry.

2.0 Cut VAT on domestic repairs

Boost productivity and sustainability in the new post-Brexit economy by reducing the VAT rate from 20% to 5% on all repairs, maintenance and management of residential homes.

3.0 Plug the skills and training gap

Plug the skills and training gap by ensuring that FE Colleges and private training providers deliver practical qualifications that are needed to support and grow our workforce and that National Skills Fund investments are fully accessible to SMEs and support the training of technical trainers and assessors.

4.0 Inspire students to get into woodworking

Endorse and roll-out our WOW I MADE THAT! education programme to provide students with a rounded understanding of the potential of the woodworking and joinery manufacturing industry as the providers of fulfilling and productive career opportunities.

5.0 Third-party certification of fire doors

Enshrine independent third-party certification for the manufacture and installation of fire doors and other passive fi re protection products into the Building Safety Bill.

6.0 Fire Safety Bill

Ensure the Fire Safety Bill includes provisions and resources for the effective enforcement of the updated Fire Safety Order, clarifies the role of the responsible person for fire door specification, procurement, installation, maintenance, inspection and documentation.



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