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Replacement of Wood Windows and Doors under the Green Homes Grant Scheme

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In the weeks following on from Rishi Sunak’s Green Homes Grant Scheme announcement on 8th July 2020, a number of our members got in touch to let us know they had experienced orders being placed on hold. In the absence of any further clarification about how the Green Homes Grant would work, homeowners were delaying the manufacture and installation of replacement wooden windows and doors in the hope that they would qualify for the Grant.

The Government did issue a statement last week (Tuesday 4th) and provided further detail about the Scheme. What we know now is that only the replacement of single-glazed windows and external (entrance) doors installed before 2002 qualify. However, to add to the complexity, both qualify as ‘secondary measures’ which means that the homeowner needs to have a ‘primary measure’ installed first before they can qualify.

To summarise:

Replacement of Wood Windows and Doors under the Green Homes Grant Scheme

A Focus on Replacement Windows

  • The replacement of windows is classed as a secondary measure, meaning that the Green Homes Grant will only be accessible if the homeowner has had a primary measure installed under the Grant Scheme.
  • Under the Scheme, the only windows that are eligible are single-glazed windows.
  • The Green Homes Grant does not cover the replacement of double-glazed or triple-glazed windows, regardless of their energy efficiency rating or date of installation.


A Focus on Replacement Entrance Doors

  • When the Green Homes Grant was announced the Government implied that the upgrade to ‘energy efficient doors’ would be included.
  • The replacement of entrance doors that were installed before 2002 have been included as a secondary measure.
  • As yet the Government has not provided a clear definition of what constitutes an energy-efficient door, but meeting current Building Regulations is likely to be the case.


For our members, we have produced a Green Homes Grant Guidance Note – click here to download.



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