Technical Consultancy and Site Inspections

What is the technical consultancy?

Technical consultancy is when a person requests advice or opinions from an expert in their field. The BWF offers a technical consultancy and an independent site inspection service on timber and joinery products, available to both members and non-members.

Why request our technical consultancy or site inspection service?

Technical opinions are usually sought if something has gone wrong. In this situation an independent expert arranged through BWF will be able to inspect the product, sometimes by photograph but usually by onsite inspection and offer an educated opinion on why the problem has occurred. Following the inspection, a letter or formal report could be completed to assist you in discussions or negotiations with the other party. This could help solve the problem, maintaining the relationship with the other party by resolving any financial dispute between you.

For a joinery manufacturer, asking for technical advice will ensure that you have the correct understanding of a specific issue involving timber or joinery products. Having an improved understanding of the products you are making will ensure you make the best possible joinery products. An example of this might be checking if a certain species of timber is appropriate for a joinery product. If you use the wrong species it could result in an unsatisfied customer and potentially the costs of repair or replacement, so technical advice can save you money. Technical advice in this type of situation would usually be offered by phone.

How can the BWF help?

The BWF is able to provide a technical advice line, as well as providing independent technical experts with extensive experience in varying elements of the joinery and construction industry. The independent experts can carry out site inspection and reports, and are also able to attend court hearings as an expert witness.


Technical Advice Line

This is always the best place to start. By having the opportunity to discuss the issue with a technical expert, you will usually be able to get the advice you need and an idea of what to do next. The BWF offers a technical advice service between the hours of 8:30 and 5:30 Monday to Friday by calling 0844 209 2610. If you are a BWF member, then technical advice from our in-house experts comes free as part of your membership subscription.

Technical/Site Inspection

If you have not been able to resolve an issue through the Technical advice line, then it may be time to commission an independent expert. An inspection can be done in 2 ways, by seeing photographs or through an onsite inspection. Providing clear photographic evidence can be the cheapest solution as it saves travel time and costs. However, photographs do not always clearly indicate why the problem as occurred in which case an on-site inspection will be the best option.

Following an inspection from one of our independent experts, an informal summary of the findings can be provided in the form of a letter or if required a more formal report can be provided.