Marketing ToolKit

Marketing is a crucial part of any business to ensure they retain clients, develop new business, and increase profit. The Marketing ToolKit is here to assist members in their marketing, PR and other communications. Our guidance starts by helping members develop a marketing plan, using a template with support guidance to help assess:

  • How the business currently undertakes marketing
  • The quality and effectiveness of current marketing
  • the market and the competition
  • Identify your strengths and opportunities
  • Help overcome weakness and threats
  • Set SMART marketing objectives
  • Develop key messages
  • Identify tactics to reach the objectives
  • Put in place an action plan of marketing activity
  • Putting in place a frame work to measure the effectiveness of marketing activity.

The BWF Marketing Plan Template

We have developed a template marketing plan which members can access and tailor to their company. We also have associated guidance that helps you navigate through the plan, and gives examples of the types of information you need to input.

Download the BWF Marketing Plan Template and Marketing Plan Guidance.