Welcome to the British Woodworking Federation

TWelcome to the British Woodworking Federationhe British Woodworking Federation (BWF) is the trade body for the woodworking sector. We offer advice, support and wood industry information to our 700 members as well as guidance for customers who use, or specify, our members’ products and services.  We also provide a voice for the sector in the UK, influencing policy, regulations and standards.

BWF members form a large community dedicated to achieving excellence, best practice and growth in the woodwork and joinery sector. The BWF code of conduct is a symbol of high standards of quality and professionalism. Every member joining the BWF is visited and audited against our Code of Conduct.  These shared values guide our purpose to:

  • Embrace the benefits of wood as a cost effective and truly sustainable building material
  • Support the market in delivering safe, more efficient and high quality products in a safe and ethical way
  • Narrow the skills gap to accelerate sector growth

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