The British Woodworking Federation Group
Do it better with the BWF by your side
The British Woodworking Federation (BWF) is a dedicated body for the woodworking and joinery manufacturing industry and is open to businesses of all sizes.

Through offering exceptional support to our members and by being listened to by the government, we work hard to ensure that our industry has full growth potential. Below is a summary of the key benefits that BWF membership offers woodworking and joinery manufacturers. We also welcome reputable suppliers to the industry as members.

The BWF Code that Unites Us

Central to membership is the BWF Code of Conduct which represents the standard to which all members have committed themselves to achieving. The BWF Code of Conduct sets out the principles of good practice for a woodworking or joinery business. It is supported by a Guide to Compliance, which sets out how these principles might be applied practically to your business.

The Code is a great way for members to demonstrate to their customers that they are responsible and can be a real point of difference. Click here to find out more about the BWF Code of Conduct.

Technical Support and Guidance

BWF members tend to cite a key benefit of membership as being the technical support and guidance that we provide. We champion members’ views during legislation consultation and when legislation changes, we let members know how this impacts their business. The BWF Technical Director, Kevin Underwood, sends out timely member-only technical bulletins and runs product specific technical meetings. For more details, visit our Membership Services & Benefits page.

Best Practice Business Support

We support our members to be best in class when it comes to health and safety, employee wellbeing and development, and product innovation. A recent example of this is the guidance and business templates (including revised risk assessments) that we have published to help members navigate the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has presented. To find out more, visit our Membership Services & Benefits page.

Addressing the Industry Skills Gap

We are very active when it comes to addressing the woodworking and joinery manufacturing industry skills gap. Central to this is promoting the industry as one that offers rewarding and fulfilling career paths. To help BWF members train their staff and raise skills levels across the wider industry we work with colleges and training providers to deliver qualifications. Click here to find out more about our training and education initiatives, including member funding. 

Championing Industry Views

The announcements made by the newly elected Government concerning the Fire Safety Bill, the Building Safety Bill and the National Skills Fund are positive signs for the industry. To build on this and to demonstrate how wood as a sustainable construction material can help the UK become a built environment global leader, the BWF have launched the BWF Six-Point Blueprint for Wood which the trade association are discussing with key MPs throughout 2020. Click here to find out more. 

Working Together for the Greater Good

What is unique about the BWF as a trade association is that our members and the BWF team are passionate about what they do and work together for the greater good of the industry. There are many opportunities for members to network with fellow joiners and manufacturers through our meetings programme and member-only events.  To find out more, visit our Membership Services & Benefits page.

Membership Services & Benefits

The guiding principle of the BWF is to provide support and guidance to woodworkers and joinery manufacturers to help them run a safe, compliant and successful business.

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