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BWF Member Brexit Hub

BWF Member Brexit Hub

This section of the website contains Brexit related information to help our members prepare for the end of the transition period on 31st December 2020. Topics include trade tariffs, product marking and HR.

Key Information - Brexit and the Timber Industry

On 31st December 2020, the Brexit transition period officially came to an end and the UK departed from the European Union. The end of the transition period marks the movement away from transitional arrangements and to the beginning of significant changes.

The BWF team are endeavour to provide accurate detail to BWF members concerning the changes, and how they impact the woodworking and joinery manufacturing industry. and we will continue to update the FAQs found below. These pages were last updated on 12.01.2021

If you are a BWF member and have a Brexit related query, please contact us by email –

To help provide some clarity we have updated the Brexit guidance on our website. It is our understanding that some of the information below is subject to change as a result of on-going negotiations, so please keep this in mind and utilise the links below to government published information on each of the subjects relevant to our industry.

Brexit (People)
Brexit (Trade)
How might Brexit affect trade for Northern Ireland?
More on Brexit

Visit the Government’s transition webpage to find out more on Brexit.

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