Homes for Britain

Homes for BritainHomes for Britain is a united voice for housing which has come together for the first time to put housing where it belongs – top of the political agenda. We know The economic rewards of investment in housing are enormous. Every £1 spent puts £3 back into the wider economy. And because every new home built creates jobs, it also gets people back into work. But housing offers so much more. A decent home is a fundamental building block to a healthy, independent and dignified life, providing the secure base people need to achieve their aspirations.

Homes for Britain was launched during the 2012 conference season and has brought together over 40 housing organisations from every part of the market to put housing top of the political agenda.The business community backed the housing message too with CBI’s John Cridland said at the Homes for Britain launch that “the single most important thing Government can do at the moment to get the economy moving is to get the housing market moving.”

The initiative continues to make an impact and is one of the most talked about issues today.

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