The Timber Industry Accord

The Timber Industry AccordThe Timber Industry Accord aims to improve the competitiveness and performance of the UK timber industry by working together to promote timber and wood products to the government, other organisations and the customer.

Thirteen trade bodies, representing the forestry and timber supply chains, have signed up to the Accord to share their resources, collaborate in areas of common interest and communicate their aspirations to each other and the industry.

The Accord will provide a unique opportunity for a joined-up, team approach to growing the market for timber and wood products.

The signatories of the UK Timber Industries Associations' Accord agree to:

1. Work together on timber representation, promotion and market development activity whenever it is feasible to do so. The timber industry needs to work together in complementary and mutually supportive ways to achieve maximum impact from its resources.

2. Endorse and support to the best of their abilities any initiative by any signatory to this Accord that is in line with this objective.  

3. Recognise the close relationship that each signatory has with its own community and to use these close relationships to best effect when planning and undertaking any new initiative or activity. Signatories undertake to consider the opportunities from working with others in order to share resources and costs and to extend outreach and impact.

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