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Common questions about coronavirus (COVID-19)

Common questions about coronavirus (COVID-19)

Business critical information regarding coronavirus

On Monday 4th January the Prime Minister announced that England was to enter another period of national lockdown, warning that the “hardest weeks” of the pandemic are ahead of us. Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales are also under lockdown, and each have their own restriction levels. England’s rules will be reviewed on 15th February.

The message across the entire of the UK is clear – stay at home and save lives. In England, the Government have released a number of “permitted reasons” where it is lawful for people to leave their homes. From a work perspective, in England the guidance states that “you can leave home for work purposes where it is unreasonable for you to do your job from home.”  For example, in construction or manufacturing that require in-person attendance. If a business needs employee’s onsite to perform tasks, for example in the manufacture of stairs and windows, then this is permitted but the business must ensure that they are operating in a COVID-19 secure and safe environment. More information on this is found in the FAQs below.

Please note, the detail provided in within these COVID FAQs relate specifically to the guidance given for England only. Where possible, we will endeavour to signpost to different guidance given by Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.


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