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To introduce a new generation of students to woodworking the BWF have launched WOW I MADE THAT! An engaging and innovative education programme to inspire students in Years 9-12 to get into woodworking, WOW I MADE THAT! brings together structured learning, research and creative product design for students to gain a greater understanding of using wood as a sustainable material across the construction, furniture and creative industries.








A fully-mapped education programme

Developed for use in schools, WOW I MADE THAT! can form the basis of study in curriculum time or could be used to support extra-curricular activity, for example in STEM clubs.

Through use of a range of support materials, students will learn about the benefits of the various wood and furniture process available to successfully complete this industry-based programme.

The education programme has been designed to be fully aligned with the Year 9-12 National Curriculum for England Design and Technology (D&T) and associated design and technology qualifications. Students are challenged to research and design either a timber structure, such as a classroom extension or bridge, or a wood-based product of their choice. They are also asked to identify the best type of timber to use, taking into consideration sustainable design, production processes and suitability for end-use.

WOW I MADE THAT! consists of a scheme of work for teachers, a student workbook and student handouts to offer engaging and thought-provoking lessons for teaching professionals to deliver. The BWF has also developed a series of resources including PowerPoint presentations and video links for teachers to use as part of each session.

Teacher Scheme of Work

A comprehensive information pack to provide teachers with the tools necessary to deliver this programme

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Teaching Aids

A number of hand-outs, worksheets and powerpoints have been created to assist with the teaching of the programme.

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Student Workbook

This book will guide the student through the WOW I MADE THAT! programme.

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