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BRE Heritage Open Day on the 8th of September 2018

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An open invite to BWF Members attend the BRE Heritage Open Day on the 8th of September 2018.

Of particular interest to BWF members is the Xylarium – the timber library – that will be open all day. The structures lab, wind tunnel and acoustics testing anechoic chamber will also be open to view.

As well as the once top secret model of the Mohne Dam used in the early stages of developing the Dambusters’ famous Bouncing Bomb, some of our larger test labs and the homes of our Innovation Park will be open to view for free.
There will be talks and presentations repeated through the day about the role of BRE in the Dambusters raids, and also about the B17 Bomber ‘Choo-z-suzy’ that crashed on this site in 1943.
The largest structural test hall in Britain, our wind tunnel and (possibly) the quietest place in the UK will be open for tours and demonstrations. ‘Bucknalls’, the 19th century mansion at the centre of the site (and which gives the nearby roads Bucknalls Lane and Bucknalls Drive their names) will be open to let your enjoy the oak panelled splendour of this former country house. And the eco-friendly show homes of our innovation park will be open too. You might also recognise a few locations from recent TV drama and comedy shows, and a major feature film as well.

On the day, younger visitors can collect timed tickets to visit the BRE wind tunnel and test their paper aeropplanes in the lab!. There will also be ‘Discovering Engineering’ workshops aimed at children between 8 and 16, run in conjunction with University College London, where children and their parents can explore ‘making large structures out of newspaper’ and ‘Making Micro:Bits do more’.

On site cafe, bouncy castle, acres of lawns for picnics, free onsite parking and more… a whole day out for all the family (although sorry, no dogs please).

Full details including how to book are at

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