Stair Design Workshop: 16th November, Coventry

On the 16th November at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry BWF is running a staircase workshop open to all members of the British Woodworking Federation.  If you have already booked, we look forward to seeing you there and hope the info below will help to whet your appetite.  If not there is still time to book and instructions are provided below. 

Stair Design Workshop: 16th November, CoventryA variety of factors need to be taken into consideration when designing stairs for domestic or commercial buildings such as user safety, fire performance, loadings and accessibility for all users, yet the rules, standards and regulations for the design, manufacture and installation of common stairs are complex and often conflicting.  This workshop looks to build upon the findings of recent work in developing new guidance in the design of the domestic and common staircases and how members can manage risk and drive compliance. 

The format of the day will be:

Venue:  Ricoh Arena, Judds Lane, Coventry, CV6 6AQ

Full programme:  Modern Timber Staircases, Stepping up Design

9:30  Arrival and Coffee

10:00  The UK Stair Market: Risk and Dynamics An overview of the staircase market in the UK, opportunities and challenges (Iain McIlwee, CEO British Woodworking Federation)

10:20  Domestic Stair Design: Stair Flair with Due Care.  A focus on safety and compliance, the complexities of winders and how to overcome common problems (Kevin Underwood, Technical Director British Woodworking Federation)

10:50 The complexities of Common Stairs.  Design requirements including fire safety  (Kevin Underwood, Technical Director, British Woodworking Federation)


11:30 The view from a Structural Engineer, dispelling common myths, managing your risks and what we have learned from testing and calculating of staircase structures (Luke Whale, C4Ci)

12:00 Addressing Installation concerns what we can do to stop great products being undermined by poor installation practice (Kevin Underwood, Technical Director British Woodworking Federation)

12:30 Meeting the challenges of developing a skilled workforce what more BWF can do to support you in making the most of training opportunities (Tony Batchelor, Training Manager British Woodworking Federation)

1pm meeting concludes with lunch (lunch will be followed by a meeting of members who currently hold or are working towards membership of the BWF Stair Scheme)

We hope you can join us for what will be an interesting day with plenty of opportunity to raise questions and provide comment. 


To secure your place please click here.