A vote for consensus, but not for the status quo

BWF can confirm that its members agreed to the proposal for the continuation of the CITB Levy as set out in the consensus question.  We had a 30% response to the survey and of those in scope, 80% voted “Yes” and 20% voted “No”.  This result has been reviewed and discussed by the members of our WIT Forum and the BWF Council and they are happy to support this position. 

A vote for consensus, but not for the status quoAs part of our survey and ongoing dialogue with members, a number of issues were raised related to CITB customer service, complexity and the availability of staff with the necessary expertise to support.  We have already set a meeting to discuss these with the senior leadership team at the CITB and welcome any additional views from members that we can take to this meeting in order to ensure the CITB evolves to better support our membership and much needed improvement in the construction skills landscape.

BWF CEO, Iain McIlwee stated:

“It is a time of reckoning for CITB and the process of consensus has been particularly significant in the landscape of Apprenticeship Levy, BREXIT and sector reform.  We await with interest the overall outcome of the consensus process, but from our perspective we have a clear mandate and are looking forward to working with a reformed CITB.  We have demonstrated our commitment to this process with the recruitment of a new full time Training Manager, Tony Batrchelor, who is already working with members and our Centres of Excellence to ensure that they are getting access to the appropriate support and we can continue as a sector, not just to lead the way in terms of apprenticeships, but also in developing a training infrastructure to support our supply chain more effectively.”