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BWF launches ‘an easy guide to the EU Timber Regulation’

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The BWF has launched a free-to-members guide to the EU Timber Regulation. The publication provides a brief overview of the regulation, and gives information about what joinery product manufacturers will need to be looking out for in order to comply. With less than 6 months to go before the EU Timber Regulation comes into force, the 6-page guide gives answers to many of the frequently asked questions on the Regulation, including:

‘What products does the regulation cover?’

‘What do I have to do to comply with the regulation?’

‘What are the penalties?’

‘Will achieving Chain of Custody certification help me comply with the regulation?’

BWF launches ‘an easy guide to the EU Timber Regulation’The EU Timber Regulation prohibits the placing of illegally harvested timber on the EU market and lays out the procedures which those trading timber within the EU must put in place to minimise the risk of illegal timber being sold. It is the first piece of legislation in the EU to prohibit the trade in illegal timber, although the Lacey Act takes similar steps to ban such timber from the US market.

BWF Policy Executive Matt Mahony said,

“The regulations will affect joinery manufacturers from 3 March next year, but how much of a burden they will become will depend on what role an organisation plays in a transaction. For some transactions, complying with the regulation may simply be a case of keeping records of sale and purchase, for others, more complex systems will need to be put in place to minimise the risk of illegal timber being sold. BWF members are urged to familiarise themselves with the regulation and be aware of what their responsibilities might be in any given situation”

The next few months should see further clarification of the requirements for business as new information from competent authorities and monitoring organisations comes to light. We will be working hard to keep members in the loop.”

You can download our 'easy guide to the EU Timber Regulation' here:

The BWF will be providing advice and guidance on the regulation through our news alerts, over the helpline and in documents such as this. We will also continue to work closely with leading industry groups such as the Timber Trade Federation in order to provide clear guidance for the joinery sector.

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