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CE marked construction products will continue to be accepted on the UK market into the middle of next year

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Lewis Burrows

The BWF Technical Director, Kevin Underwood sat in on a BEIS on Wednesday 20th July 2021 where it was stated that construction products to which the CE mark has been applied will not be prevented from being placed on the market in Great Britain after 31st December 2021.

While products controlled by other regulations and directives will cease using the CE mark from that date the cessation of the CE marking for construction products will be dependant on the Building Safety Bill receiving Royal Accent and the Secretary of State being given powers to regulate the marketing and supply of construction products in the UK.

It is expected that it will take from 9 months to a year for the Building Safety Bill to complete its passage through parliament so it is likely that CE marked products will continue to circulate on the market up to next summer (2023).

Any new construction product regulations will be made by a statutory instrument and a draft of the regulations must be approved by each House of Parliament. One of the provisions that will be contained in the regulations is to repeal or amend EU regulation 305/2011 i.e. The Construction Product Regulation (CPR). The new regulations will cover most, if not all the aspects of the marketing of construction products currently covered by the CPR as modified by the amendments made in 2019 and 2020.

Details of the proposals are given in Schedule 9 of the Building Safety Bill.

Posted By
Lewis Burrows
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