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PRESS RELEASE: Santa’s secrets stymied by squeaky stairs

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Father Christmas risks being discovered at any time, it emerged today, with worrying news that two thirds of all homes suffer from squeaky stairs.

PRESS RELEASE: Santa’s secrets stymied by squeaky stairs

The poll, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of the British Woodworking Federation (BWF) Stair Scheme, found that while 30% of people know where the squeaks are and carefully avoid a squeaky step or floorboard when they used their stairs, another third of people don’t even bother avoiding it. Only 35% of people said their stairs were squeak-free.

This could become a major issue on Christmas Eve as Santa embarks on the most important day of his year and needs to ensure that all good girls and boys remain firmly asleep when he delivers their presents, with squeaky stairs reported as being his biggest risk of being caught hand in stocking!

Squeaky stairs are caused by problems with timber joints, as the noise comes from the treads rubbing against the risers and stringers. Other causes of squeaky stairs include cheap manufacture, poor design and shoddy installation.

Iain McIlwee, chief executive of the BWF, says:

“Throughout the year the Stair Scheme member companies work hard to raise the quality and standards of timber stairs. They have signed up to the only accreditation and certification scheme of its kind in the UK, and together we are spreading the word about best practice in stair design, specification and installation. Households with a Stair Scheme stair will definitely be Santa’s favourites this Christmas.”

Father Christmas says:

“The timescale I must stick to on Christmas Eve is ridiculous. I really do need to count on squeak-free stairs so I can deliver the presents in double quick time and get out of the house undiscovered. As far as I’m concerned, squeaky stairs go on the naughty step, but BWF Stair Scheme stairs make it a truly jolly Christmas for everybody!”

For more information ont he BWF Stair Scheme, visit the Stairs pages of this website


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