Wood Window Alliance Continues TV Campaign


Following the success of the Wood Window Alliance TV debut in February, Sky TV have announced it will show the documentary again on 13 April, at 3.30pm Originally broadcast as part of the Sky TV's 'How to Go Green' series, the documentary looks at how double glazing can help people reduce energy consumption and save money at home. This TV presence for the Wood Window Alliance signals a high impact year for the timber windows market. 
The documentary will be available to watch again on both Sky TV and Freesat networks, reaching an estimated 24 million viewers in more than 10 million homes.
Sean Parnaby, Wood Window Alliance Campaign Chairman said, "Our presence on TV, combined with our new TV advertisement, marks a new era in our promotional campaign, and will be incredibly valuable as we move forward."
The programme includes extensive interviews with the WWA and the Energy Saving Trust, and tells the full story of the energy-saving, asset building and sustainability benefits of wood windows. The WWA also airs its new one minute TV advertisement during the break.

Sean Parnaby explains: "Our messages are very simple and will resonate with professionals and consumers alike. Wood windows are wind-tight and leak-proof. They are carbon negative because the wood they are made from stores more energy than is used in their manufacture. They are energy efficient, with double or triple-glazed BRFC 'A' rated windows available. They are low maintenance, typically with an eight-year paint warranty, and durable, with an estimated service life of over 60 years. Today's high performance wood windows don't just look good, they offer unbeatable energy-efficiency and service life. With proper maintenance, they will last a lifetime."

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