Can I certify a fire door already installed in a building?

It is not possible to certify doors retrospectively.  BWF recognised the huge legacy issue of existing doors without certification already in situ in the built environment. In reaction and to support the inspection of doors (in line with the Fire Safety Order requirements) set up (with the Guild of Architectural Ironmongery) the Fire Door Inspection Scheme, which is a training resource written by industry experts, to train Certificated Fire Door Inspectors.

An FDIS Inspector use their industry experience, knowledge, and best practice guidance, to inspect a door and offer an assessment, on the balance of probability of a door providing a level of fire resistance. You can find an FDIS Inspector at

They will not be able to categorise the door as a fire door (FD30, FD60 etc) without test evidence (and ideally as we discussed clear proof that the test report relates to that particular product and the compatibility of all of the components used (ironmongery, intumescents, letterplates, glazing system etc).

The BWF Certifire Best Practice Guide​ gives more detailed guidance

The BWF is currently lobbying for a Building Safety Fund to support buildings of high risk deal with legacy life critical issues

BWF organises Fire Door Safety Week to help share best practice, this year Fire Door Safety Week will take place 24th September – 30th September