Process Efficiency and Lean ManufacturingLean Manufacturing is a bit of a buzzword for the process of effective planning and structuring stuff to work more efficiently and, crucially minimising eight forms of waste (known by the acronym TIM WOODS):

Transport – Moving people, products & information
Inventory – Storing parts, pieces, documentation ahead of requirements
Motion – Bending, turning, reaching, lifting

Waiting – For parts, information, instructions, equipment
Over production – Making more than is IMMEDIATELY required
Over processing – Tighter tolerances or higher grade materials than are necessary
Defects – Rework, scrap, incorrect documentation
Skills – Under utilizing capabilities, delegating tasks with inadequate training

If you are interested in Leaning your business, there are a range of grants that you can assess to support you in the process.  You can start by visiting the BWF Grant Finding Database or contacting the BWF run Wood Industry Training Forum on email or telephone 0207 637 2646.  There are also a wide range of resources to support out there, we have listed some below

If your business is making great strides in this direction, why not look to gain the recognition your team deserve by entering the BWF Process Efficiency Awards:   (simple to enter and shortlisted entries get a free ticket!)

To start looking at the hows and whys of a conventional Quality Management System or Factory Production Control System click here – BWF Members have access via this link to our FREE FACTORY PRODUCTION CONTROL SYSTEM

Presentation from BWF Members Day 2013:  Lean Manufacturing

Rick Shouler – Manufacturing Advisory Service
Looking for ways to reduce costs, waste, and time? Rick Shouler from the Manufacturing Advisory Service provides an introduction to lean techniques and how they can improve your company efficiencies in a joinery environment. Lean Manufacturing

External resources

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Helpful Lean Downloads- a collection of free, downloadable Lean templates and other tools to help get you started and keep you growing