What is Factory Production Control?

Factory Production Control (FPC) covers the procedures which are put in place to allow a manufacturer to maintain consistency in quality and to keep records of non-conforming products, processes or materials, in order to make improvements.

Why do I need to have a written FPC system in place?

Manufacturers of construction products which are covered by European standards are legally required to have a FPC system in place by July 2013. The need for FPC comes as a result of the requirement for CE marking, which is needed to satisfy the essential requirements of the Construction Products Directive. Although there are a number of different evaluation systems identified for CE marking, one single requirement is involved for all these systems, namely, a written FPC system.

The construction products within the scope of the European standards include:

• Windows
• External Doorsets

As further Product Standards are produced in Europe, it is likely that the CE marking of construction products will soon cover internal doors, fire doors and stairs.

What does a written FPC involve for joinery manufacturers?

FPC procedures need to be directly related to the manufacturing process, which can vary from business to business. A typical FPC procedure will require that:

• Testing, weighing and measuring equipment shall be calibrated and regularly inspected.
• Manufacturing equipment shall be inspected and maintained
• Specifications for incoming materials and components shall be documented and materials and components shall be inspected
• The manufacturing process shall be documented, identifying individuals responsible and checking procedures. Records shall be kept of checks, their results and corrective actions
• The manufacturer shall establish procedures for the inspection of parts within the manufacturing process and of finished items
• The manufacture shall have procedures for dealing with non-conforming products.

How can BWF help you to meet these requirements for CE marking?

To help joinery businesses to meet the challenge of CE marking before the regulation comes in in July 2013, we have put together a template FPC manual that can be adapted to fit your business. Our service comes complete with written guidance notes on adapting the manual. The manual and guidance are exclusively free to BWF members, as part of the BWF membership package. The manual has been neatly divided into 5 parts.


In addition to this, one of our Factory Production Control experts can take you through the processes required to implement an effective FPC in your business for an additional fee. This can be requested on a half or full day basis, with reduced rates for BWF members.


Having an inspected FPC system in place is also part of the necessary requirements of the BWF Stair Scheme. A written FPC system can also be a stepping stone towards adopting certificated quality management systems such as ISO 9001:2008, which is a requirement for the BWF-CERTIFIRE Fire Door & Doorset Scheme.