Building Regulations Part Q – Security Regulations for Accessible Windows & Doors in New Homes

From 1st October 2015 the building regulations for England introduced the requirement for security rated doors and windows to be provided for new build homes.

Here you can find our comprehensive guidance on meeting the challenge of the new regulations.

How do these changes affect the products I manufacture?

The approved document Q proposals included a recommendation for an enhanced level of security to be achieved by doors (including vehicular garage doors) and windows fitted into new dwellings. One of the crucial elements proposed was that doors and windows should, as a minimum, be of a design successfully tested to PAS 24. It was recognised that products meeting the requirements of the Secured by Design Scheme would meet the recommendations. Note that the new rules do not yet apply to replacement windows and doorsets.

When will the changes take effect?

The new Approved Document Q: Security – Dwellings took effect on 1 October 2015 for use in England. It does not apply to work started before 1 October 2015, or work subject to a building notice, full plans application or initial notice submitted before that date provided the work is started on site before 1 October 2016.

How can I find out more?

BWF members have been briefed on these changes since the consultation opened in 2014, with extensive coverage in the newsletter, technical updates, meetings, a webinar and also a workshop run by representatives of the Department of Communities and Local Government at Members Day 2015 in April.  The very informative slides of Fit for purpose: – Impact of Part Q: Security’ Day can be downloaded from the list via the link.

Included in the accompanying guidance is a proposed Appendix that describes a bespoke timber doorset that would be “deemed to satisfy” Requirement Q1. BWF have spoken to DCLG and Secured by Design and set about producing an Appendix for Windows that would be equivalent to the existing appendix for doorsets. Note that this appendix is restricted by the test evidence available and could be extended should supporting test evidence be volunteered to support it. We anticipate, for example, evidence on Accoya to be made available in the near future.

This Appendix does not supercede any test evidence you may have and we also recommend that you talk to your ironmongery manufacturers directly about any evidence that they may be able to make available to their customers in support of the products that they supply.

A copy of the draft Appendix is provided for members who can log in and access it here: Further information is available on the BWF website. Should you have any questions or comments, members can call the BWF technical helpline. Not a BWF member? Join Now