Welcome to the British Woodworking Federation.

The British Woodworking Federation (BWF) is a business support organisation. We offer advice, support and wood industry information to our 600+ members as well as guidance for customers who use, or specify, our members' products and services.  We also provide voice for the sector in the UK, influencing policy, regulations and standards.

There are 4 key things BWF members can do now to get maximum value from their membership and support the work the BWF is doing on behalf of the sector click here to find out more.

Our members get invaluable back up and business support:

  • Help to comply with necessary regulations
  • Providing free expert technical advice
  • Providing the back up your business needs
  • Giving confidence to your clients with the BWF badge

BWF Code of Conduct gives you confidence to choose the right supplier:

  • All members are assessed to our code of conduct
  • Find members for a specific product or service
  • Find a member conveniently located near you
  • See which of our members are accredited and certified


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