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Exciting changes at the BWF
16 May 2018 - The British Woodworking Federation needs to, not just deliver for today, but to have more of an eye on the future. Read more...BWF Blog
Each Home Counts - a force for good?
3 May 2018 - I hope Each Home Counts is a force for good and isn't just another badge. If you haven't caught up on the consultation it closed a week or so ago and I am grateful to all members who fed in their views. You can see our full response here, but even as I read it again I feel the frustration bubbling up again, I am a naturally optimistic soul, but I am finding it really hard to be enthused. We all want standards to improve and frameworks will help, but is another voluntary initiave going to make the difference we need. Read more...BWF Blog
Occupational health and the woodworking industry
21 March 2018 - British industry has made great strides in addressing safety since the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, but there’s still so much to be done in terms of improving health. Margaret Grahamslaw, Head of Occupational Health at B&CE, shares her thoughts... Read more...BWF Blog
What to consider when looking to bring in Health & Safety help
7 March 2018 - Want to avoid generic Health and Safety support and long contracts? BWF Technical consultant Jon Gorf gives you some tips if your considering bringing in external H&S advisors. Read more...BWF Blog
Don't get caught out by CITB training reforms: read our FAQs
7 March 2018 - If you pay and claim CITB Levy it is worth trying to get your head round the new rules which could ultimately cut down on paperwork and see training providers raise their game. Read more...BWF Blog
Don't separate the wood from the trees
2 March 2018 - This week the BWF responded to the consultation from the Natural Capital Coalition on the protocol. The summary would be great stuff, but remember the benefits of wood is about more than trees! Read more...BWF Blog
The Carillion Effect: tackling the wider implications
1 March 2018 - Much of the coverage we have put out on the failure of Carillion has been focussed on those directly affected. This work continues, but we must also now start to consider the collateral impact. Read more...BWF Blog
Why the latest reset of environmental policy could be good for woodworking (although we might be kept waiting)
18 January 2018 - Natural Capital, plastic waste and zero deforestation are now firmly on the agenda. Here's why the government's new plan could mean a promising future for our timber industries (and why we need to get cracking). Read more...BWF Blog
A glance back at what we have achieved in 2017
15 December 2017 - It’s been an astonishingly productive year for BWF to look back on. From launching free member Life Cycle Assessments at Ecobuild to brand new guidance on stairs, weather testing, and heritage work, there’s been something for every part of the woodworking sector. Read more...BWF Blog
The Countdown Cavalry are coming (in driverless vehicles)
30 November 2017 - The Industrial Strategy launched this week was heralded as setting out a strategy that will see Government align policies, regulations, taxes and investments to grow the markets for new innovations so that they are successfully commercialised in the UK. Read more...BWF Blog
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