BWF Awards shortlist 2016 Case Study: Leitz Tooling UK Ltd

27 September 2016

Project: Designing of a tooling system called ThermoTech Window System. Shortlisted for the BWF Process Efficiency Award (sponsored by W16)

BWF Member Firm: Leitz Tooling UK Ltd

Type of work/produce(s) produced: Tooling for woodworking machinery

The Leitz ThermoTech Stormproof & Flush Casement window system is designed to help small to medium size joinery companies to compete in today’s highly competitive Window Marketplace.

Using the Leitz ThermoTech system, joinery manufacturer’s will be able to manufacture many different styles of Stormproof & Flush Casement windows, including double & triple glazed, all with a BFRC accredited WER rating up to A+ and a whole window ‘U’ value of 1.4 or below and complies to Building Regulations Document Q using a cascade system.

The tools are designed to go on any wood working machine, from Spindle moulder & Tenoners to CNC & Window line machines. Using zero set tools machine set up times have been reduced to the minimum and no longer require multiple test pieces to check for accuracy as the tools use the same setting positions. You do not even need to move the fences!

Using the patented ProfilCut Q tools, the manufacturers will also be able to change the appearance of their windows in minutes by simply changing the profile knives. No long tool changes required as this is done by simply loosening two allen screws replacing the knives and tightening back up. This can all be done on the machine.  Options for Ovolo, Lambs Tongue and Bevels plus bespoke customer’s designs are all possible.

By using the correct cutting geometry and knife cutting material on the profile surfaces gives a superior surface finish and virtually eliminates the need to time consuming second operations such as sanding.  This enables the joinery to go directly to the spray booth after assembly in many cases.

Leitz ThermoTech tooling system helps the joinery workshop to make the windows right first time and every time which will control their production cost, improve yield, efficiency and reduce lead times.

Leitz Tooling say that you can now quote your customers with confidence the correct price, quality and lead time to gain more business and make a profit.

The BWF Process Efficiency Award (sponsored by W16) recognises exceptional projects of this kind that have improved business performance.

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