BWF Awards shortlist 2016 Case Study: Emma Tribe (Howarth Timber Windows & Doors Limited)

26 September 2016

Shortlist: BWF Trainee of the Year sponsored by CITB

Name of Trainee: Emma Tribe

BWF Member Firm: Howarth Timber Windows & Doors Limited

Type of work/product(s) produced: External Windows and Doors

 Although Emma has been with Howarth a relatively short period of time, she has shown not only a willingness to learn from others, but a willingness to improve her role no matter what she has been assigned. 

 She has actively taken part in many lean projects, has been supportive of her colleagues and helped them improve, including those who have been with us for considerably longer than Emma 

Not only has Emma shown a willingness to learn new skills she has on numerous occasions shown the ability to make the tasks easer and simpler. 

 With this in mind when a positon for a trainee estimator arose her manager had no hesitation in putting Emma’s name forward, they firmly believe Emma will make a success of this position and help take the company forward. 

Emma Tribe’s Personal Statement

I have been working since I was 16, always in a job and enjoyed working every day and being busy and on the go. My first job was at a hairdresser in Barton, I started working Saturdays and enjoyed the atmosphere and the working life so I applied for an apprenticeship which I started and enjoyed until I was 22. At that point I thought to myself that I would like to do something bigger and better and able to work for a company that could guide me in right directions and help me to widen my horizons. I enjoyed working at the hairdressers but knew I would do something better with my life.

I applied for Howarth Timber Windows and Doors in March 2015 and was successful in the interview and was offered a job to start in the April. I gladly accepted and was looking forward to starting. When I first started working at Howarth I was allocated a job on sash prepping, I enjoyed the sash prepping and being able to learn about all the different types of hinges and locking mechanisms on the Casement and Storvick windows.

Later on I asked my team leaders and bosses if I could possibly go onto learn new and different jobs around the factory. As I feel that it is better to know more than one job around the factory and I would then be able to help my colleagues when and if they needed help with the work load. The bosses were happy to agree and I was then trained as Glazer. To be able to see how a window or door starts in the primary factory to then being fully glazed and prepped is quite an impressive thing to see and to also be a part of, you feel quite proud of yourself and of the company as to what has been achieved.

An internal job vacancy was posted up in the factory for a Sales Office Estimator, I jumped at the chance to apply for the part, as again I wanted to widen my horizons. A couple of weeks later I was very pleased to be given the job as an Estimator, which I am now looking forward to starting my new role after the summer shutdown.

I feel that Howarth Timber are a company that believe and have trust in their employees and want them to go on further within the company to achieve bigger and better things. The bosses at Howarth are the people I think most people would like to work for. They are easy to talk to when you have a problem about the work or within the company. When working for them you know you have a job for life and also working for a company that will have your back throughout your job. I also believe that the bosses at Howarth Timber have believed in me from the start of working with them, which is why they have agreed and accepted me on changing job roles and going onto working in the sales office.

Howarth Timber is a company that will treat you fairly and speak to you as an individual and as part of the team. I have not regretted one minute applying for my job at Howarth, I am now looking forward to starting my new job role within the company.

The BWF Trainee of the Year Award is one of two awards that celebrates the success of the rising stars of the joinery industry.

This award seeks to celebrate those that have entered through other training routes, including graduates, A-Level students and in-house trainees. They may have achieved some fantastic feats in their work, or show extraordinary commitment that really adds value to a company's workforce or the production.

Entries are open to any trainee that is undertaking (or has recently undertaken) external training/qualifications, or a structured in-house training programme that is employed within a joinery company, and will recognise outstanding achievement, commitment, adding value to the trainee's company, and personal development. Here you can view the shortlist for the awards.

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