The WITForum

The Woodworking Industry Training Forum, known as the WITForum, is a BWF initiative to tackle the training crisis facing our industry.  Set up in 2006 the scheme is an avenue to find, develop and retain this skilled labour.

WITForum Aims

  • To provide a forum for our members to express their training needs and have a stake in their own future.
  • To increase the provision of woodworking and joinery skills training.
  • To help trainers provide their students with the skills the industry needs.
  • To promote woodworking as a career.

In order to reach these aims the WITForum now has a comprehensive suite of training services that it offers to the industry. Members of the BWF/WITForum benefit from discounted rates and can be confident that the training provided is specifically tailored to the industry and their particular business.

With CITB, we provide our members a voice to ensure that national qualifications delivered by colleges and training providers are teaching the skills we need. With large representation on relevant committees, the WITForum now provides significant influence in our industry’s skills.

Who will benefit from the WITForum?

We provide information for those looking to enter our industry for a career, and work with relevant organisations to promote the vast array of careers to the outside world, including schools. We work with our members and training providers to ensure there is a dialogue between them to ensure the skills needed are those being delivered.

The WITForum welcomes members from both in and outside the membership as the initiative is industry-wide in its scope, not confined to the BWF. We also encourage colleges and private training providers to join us to have their input and also understanding of our industry needs.

How to become a member of the WITForum

If you are a BWF member, you will automatically be a WITForum member.

The WITForum is open, however, to joinery manufacturers that are outside of the BWF membership, private training providers and colleges.

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