Woodworking CPD programme – terms & conditions

BWF CPD Programme Terms & Conditions

1. Registration
1.1. Registering on the programme is free to anyone working in the joinery or woodworking industry.
1.2. The registrant’s  role does not have to be joinery or woodworking specific, but the company they work for must be engaged in joinery and woodworking activity.
1.3. Registration for is open at any point throughout the BWF CPD year, which runs from 1st August to 31st July each year.
1.4. Registration can be made before submitting the log sheet, or the log sheet can act as registration, although it is recommended that registration is completed beforehand to allow the BWF to send relevant information and resources about the programme.

2. CPD hours
2.1. The annual CPD target is 30 hours per individual.
2.2. Qualifications being undertaken will count as the full CPD target for the year of study, excpet where the qualification is part of an apprenticeship. Apprentices can still participate, but logged activity must be over and above what is expected as part of their apprenticeship
2.3. If the qualification is delivered through the BWF’s recognised training provider, Didac Ltd, a log sheet will not need to be completed. All other qualifications will require a log sheet to be completed.
2.4. Each category of CPD activity has a limit on the number of hours that can be logged against it. Individuals should check that they are within the limits for each category.
2.5. The BWF reserves the right to change the rules on category hour limits and the number of overall hours required to gain CPD accreditation.
2.6. In instances where the 30 hour target is not met by an individual, the BWF may grant CPD accreditation at its discretion, but any decision to grant or not to grant accreditation is final and the BWF will not enter into discussion.

3. Declarations and auditing of submissions
3.1. The deadline for submissions is 30th September each year, outlining your full activity for the period of 1st August -31st July of the current CPD year. The CPD log sheet must reach the BWF before this date.
3.2. Each individual must sign to declare that:
3.2.1. The information they provide on their log sheet is an accurate representation of the CPD activity they have undertaken.
3.2.2. They have logged activity correctly inline with the categories of CPD activity and have sought advice from the BWF where they are not sure.
3.2.3. They understand that the deliberate falsification of CPD activity to gain accreditation through the programme will result in their removal from the programme indefinitely.
3.2.4. In the event of an audit, evidence will need to be produced for all the activity undertaken for the year, and this cannot be refused or deferred.
3.3. The manager of the individual (or in the instance where the individual is at the top of the organisation, another director) submitting the CPD log sheet must sign to declare that:
3.3.1. Confirm that the individual is submitting a true record of their CPD activity
3.3.2. In the event of an audit, the manager may need to provide evidence to support the individuals CPD activity
3.3.3. Signing the declaration where the manager knows the information to be incorrect or deliberately falsified could result in the manager being barred from participating in the programme or being the future declarant for his/her subordinates.
3.4. An audit of submissions will be completed every year:
3.4.1. Of at least 20 individuals or 10% of submissions, whichever is higher, who will be selected randomly from all submissions, except where an individual has be engaged in the programme and not had an audit in the last two years, or failed an audit in the last CPD year.
3.4.2. Individuals selected for audit will be notified by post to the company address and to the email address they provide.
3.4.3. Individuals will have three weeks from the date of the letter/email to submit the required evidence to the BWF for audit.
3.4.4. Failure to provide evidence will result in CPD accreditation not being granted.
3.4.5. Where CPD accreditation is not granted, the individual will be informed in writing

4. Payment and Certificates

4.1. On submission of the CPD log sheet, a fee of £10+VAT (for individuals employed within BWF/WITForum member companies) or £50+VAT (for non-members) must accompany the submission, or have been arranged for payment.
4.2. The fee is non-refundable.
4.3. CPD certificates will not be issued unless the payment has been made.
4.4. CPD certificates will be sent within 8 weeks of the submission deadline, as long as payment has been received.
4.5. Certificates remain the property of the BWF and can recalled at any time.

5. Appeals
5.1. In the event that an individual has not been granted CPD accreditation and believes the decision is unfair, they may appeal the decision.
5.2. A letter of appeal should be sent to the BWF Chief Executive in writing within 10 working days of receiving notification as outlined in 3.4.5, and should state the reasons why the individual deems the decision unfair. This should be countersigned by the manager who signed the original CPD log sheet.
5.3. The BWF Chief Executive will confirm receipt of the appeal request in writing.
5.4. The chief executive will chair an appeal hearing (which may or may not be a physical meeting) with the WITForum Chair (who is a member) and one other WITForum member representative.
5.5. In the event that the WITForum Chair is not available, the chief executive will nominate another member to sit on the hearing.
5.6. The appeal hearing will not be attended by the individual or their manager, but will be minuted and the outcome confirmed in writing to the individual.
5.7. The outcome of the appeal hearing will be final and the BWF will not engage in any further discussion on the case.
5.8. From receipt of the letter of appeal from the individual, this process will take no more than 25 working days.

6. Special Recognition Grades
6.1. Grades of achievement are awarded when individuals have engaged with CPD over a longer period of time.
6.2. The individual must have achieved at least a Level 2 qualification relevant to their role in a joinery or woodworking business to begin gaining special recognition grades of silver and above. Bronze grade does not require the Level 2 restriction
6.3. The individual must have been employed within a joinery or woodworking firm (different employers are permitted) throughout this period.
6.4. The individual’s CPD record must have been audited before a silver grade or above can be acheived
6.5. Taking note of the restrictions outlined in 6.2 – 6.4, the grades are awarded as follows:
6.5.1. Bronze Grade – awarded automatically after one year of engaging in the CPD programme
6.5.2. Silver Grade – awarded automatically after two consecutive years of engaging in the CPD programme
6.5.3. Gold Grade – awarded automatically after three consecutive years of engaging in the CPD programme
6.5.4. Platinum Grade – awarded automatically after four consecutive years of engaging in the CPD programme
6.6. Fast-tracking through these grades is permissible where the individual is able to provide evidence of CPD activity that meets the criteria of the programme for previous consecutive years equivalent to the number of years required to reach the appropriate grade.

The BWF reserves the right to make changes to the terms & conditions of the CPD programme.