Timber Products: Stairs

These publications support the information provided in the main Toolkit Section of this website covering timber staircases.

BWF Stair Design Guide 2: Common Timber Stairs

The design guide 2 provides industry guidance and the minimum requirements for the manufacture of safe and well-designed common timber stairs for the UK construction market.

BWF Stair Installation Guide

Providing practical information about all aspects of the installation of timber staircases, focusing on key workmanship areas to ensure that stairs are built to a high quality standard, are safe to use and are not compromised by poor practice.

Top 10 Tips to avoid common staircase problems in installation

We provide guidance to installers about the 10 most common mistakes that happen during installation that, if avoided, can prevent problems with the stair after installation. Download our fact card.

About the BWF Stair Scheme

Our fact card explains why we started the scheme, how the scheme helps architects, specifiers and contractors choose compliant and safe stairs, and how the Stair Scheme badging system works.

BWF Stair Design Guide: Domestic Timber Stairs

If you’re a specifier, architect or other party that is designing stairs for a project, the BWF Stair Scheme has produced its Stair Design Guide to help make sure your stair is compliant with relevant standards and regulations, while producing fabulous and beautiful design results.

CPD Presentation on Safe Stair Design

Take a look at our CPD presentation on safe stair design, which is accredited by RIBA and the BWF’s own Woodworking CPD scheme. Download the BWF Stair Seminar Presentation that took place in March 2012.